Proceedings of the Workshop on Cavitation and Propeller Performance

Second International Symposium on Marine Propulsors - smp’11

17 – 18 June 2011, Hamburg, Germany


Edited by: Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud

ISBN (printed proceedings): 978-3-86342-238-7

© smp chair committee (Kourosh Koushan and Sverre Steen)

Publisher: Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory (FDS) - Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), German Society for Maritime Technology (STG) 


Organised by:

Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory (FDS) - Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), German Society for Maritime Technology (STG), Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), Potsdam Model Basin (SVA)


Sponsors of smp’11:

ANSYS, Becker Marine Systems, Rolls-Royce Marine, VOITH and Wärtsilä


Table of Contents


Case 1: Cavitation on foil



Description of Case 1


I – 1

smp’11 Workshop - Case 1: DelftFoil

M. Hoekstra, T. van Terwisga, E.J. Foeth



Case 1: Papers


I – 2.1

Simulation of the Unsteady Cavitation on the Delft Twist11 foil using RANS, DES and LES

Rickard E. Bensow


I – 2.2

RANS Simulation of the Delft Twist 11 Foil

Thierry Maquil, Bahaddin Cankurt, Patrick Schiller, Sergey Yakubov,

Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Thomas Rung


I – 2.3

Preliminary Cavitation Simulations on the Twisted Delft Hydrofoil

Dimitrios Papoulias, Manolis Gavaises


I – 2.4

Cavitation Prediction of Flow Over the Delft Twist 11 Foil

Stewart Whitworth






Case 2: Propeller performance



Description of Case 2


II – 1

Potsdam Propeller Test Case (PPTC) – Test Case Description

Ulf Barkmann, Hans-Jürgen Heinke, Lars Lübke




Case 2: Papers


II – 2.1

Potsdam Propeller Test Case (PPTC)

Olof Klerebrant Klasson, Tobias Huuva


II – 2.2

Performance and Cavitation Evaluation of Marine Propeller using Numerical Simulations

Keita Fujiyama, Chuel-Ho Kim, Daisuke Hitomi


II – 2.3

The Numerical Predicted of SMP11 Propeller Performance with and without Cavitation

Dengcheng Liu, Fangwen Hong


II – 2.4

Open Water Test Propeller Performance and Cavitation Behaviour using PPB and FreSCo+

Scott Gatchell, Dieke Hafermann, Heinrich Streckwall


II – 2.5

Computational Analysis of Marine Propeller Performance and Cavitation by Using an Inviscid-Flow BEM model

Francesco Salvatore, Luca Greco, Danilo Calcagni


II – 2.6

Prediction of Non-Cavitating and Cavitating Performance of a SVA Potsdam Propeller

Da-Qing Li


II – 2.7

Cavitation Simulations of the Potsdam Propeller Test Case

Sergey Yakubov, Bahaddin Cankurt, Thierry Maquil, Patrick Schiller,

Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Thomas Rung


II – 2.8

SMP Workshop on Cavitation and Propeller Performances: The Experience of the University of Genova on the Potsdam Propeller Test Case

Stefano Gaggero, Diego Villa, Stefano Brizzolara


II – 2.9

Numerical Predictions of the Cavitating and Non-Cavitating Flow around the Model Scale Propeller PPTC

Mitja Morgut, Enrico Nobile


II – 2.10

Open Water Test for Testing Methodology

Alejandro Caldas, Marcos Meis , Adrián Sarasquete


II – 2.11

FINFLO RANS-Predictions for Propeller Performance

Tuomas Sipilä, Timo Siikonen, Ilkka Saisto






Case 2: Summary of Results


II – 3

Overview of the Submitted Results


II – 3.1

Case 2.1: Open Water Tests


II – 3.2

Case 2.2: LDV Measurements


II – 3.3

Case 2.3: Cavitation Test





III – 1

Questionnaire on potential flow methods


III – 2

Questionnaire on viscous flow methods