International Symposiums on Marine Propulsors
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This web page is the permanent homepage of the series of Symposiums on Marine Propulsors. Each symposium has a separate homepage for the upcoming symposium. You find a link to this page below.

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  • Organizing of future symposiums
  • International Scientific Committee
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Please contact a member of the Chair Committee, or email

Matters concerning the current (upcoming) symposium

please contact the local organizing committee.

To contact the organizers of smp'21 in Wuxi, China, email

To contact the organizers of smp'19 in Rome, Italy, email Dr. Mario Felli at

We would like to point out that the matters concerning the current (upcoming) symposium must be taken with the local organizing committee. Correspondence on these matters to the Chair Committee will not be responded to or forwarded:

  • Matters concerning conference registration, payment, hotels etc.
  • Matters concerning abstracts, papers, presentations etc.